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Dawn Whittington

Sounds absolutely delicious!


I miss the yoga star! Still talk about you when people try to say they are good at yoga.

Zella Sage

Dawn, It is in my top five favorite desserts. Tom, I miss your smile. Hope to see you on the mat again someday.


Your recipes have a striking resemblance to one of your Yoga classes... loaded with creativity and tasty flavor that keep us coming back for more! This sounds delicious Amy Jo! Time to rent a movie and have more than my fair share please;.)

Zella Sage

Thanks, Jason. Let me know which movie you combine with the crisp. That will be the dish I bring to the game night still waiting to happen.


This looks really delicious. Is it possible to sub out the orange juice for anything else?

Zella Sage

YL, apple juice would work just as well as a fruit sweetener replacement. You could also sub out the orange juice for 3 tbs. lemon juice and 3 additional tbs. raw honey. Let me know if those substitutions work for you.


What a great idea to use orange juice in this. I'm going for it. If my "kid' likes it we'll share it on our blog and fb page. Don't worry, you'll get all the credit. http://www.glutenfreemiracles.com

Zella Sage

Denise, I'd love to hear how your young one likes it!


What about mixing pure honey and ground apple? How good is it?

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