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I've never tried making raw nut milk, but your enthusiasm for it is contagious, so I might just have to put it on the list!

a farmer in the dell

I have made homemade almond milk before. However, raw brazil nuts sound even better!


Brazil nuts are fabulous! I had always wondered how people made nut milk homemade and now I know! This looks delicious as a beverage or to enjoy with granola! Wonderful treat!


Wow, this sounds amazing!

I've actually been trying to convince my bf to go on the raw diet with me for 30 days. He's so against it... a true american food lover, and meat eater through and through. But I really want us (well, him, I eat really healthy) to eat better, and just to try something different! I'm a little intimidated by the raw food diet, but I'm also really intrigued. Definitely going to bookmark this recipe, whether we go raw or not, but it looks so yummy!

xx. amber


Mmm, this looks so rich and creamy! I'll have to add some Brazil nuts to my usual almond/cashew blend next time. It's crazy how selenium-rich they are.


Beautiful pictures, and I love the idea of making a nut milk using something other than almonds! I recently purchased a Vitamix, and I am looking forward to giving this recipe a go :) Thanks for sharing it!


Omg just tried this and it's delish! Super creamy :) thanks!


I lovz making my own nut milks too but cashews is my favourite one at the moment! i don't strain my milks & make it in my Vitamix!

I must make this tasty looking nut milk too! :) MMMM!


Why would you discard the soaking water? Surely it is full of nutrients and could perhaps be used for something else??

Zella Sage

I'm not sure of the possible uses for the soaking water, but there very well may be plenty of options. If you come across any, please let me know. I'd love to hear.


Do you throw away the nut meat or can you use it?


Use the left over nut meat for a smoothie ❤

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