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Wow, these bars look fantastic! I feel a kindred baking spirit here -- coconut sugar and almond flour go into nearly everything I bake. (I'm also giggling right now because I just noticed your grocery list, and mine is practically identical. Love!)

a farmer in the dell

These bars and screaming my name!!! Love the homemade cherry jam recipe. I am craving summertime, but these bars will have to tide me over!!


Looks and sounds yummy! Gonna make tonight!


OMG!! These are soooo good. My 11 yr old son LOVES them! Thank you so much!!

Zella Sage

Sherry, I am SO happy to hear it! I'm even happier knowing that your 11-year old liked them. I think that is usually the most challenging test to pass. Those bars lasted only 24 hours around here...thanks to the help of a 5 year old. Thank you so much for giving me feedback. I really appreciate it.


These look amazing! One of my favorite recipes to make before I began eating vegan was Ina Garten's PB & J bars. This looks like it will need to step in to replace those! I'll have to experiment with swapping the honey out with something else -- maybe brown rice syrup or maple. I love you photos also, they are always so beautiful :)

Zella Sage

Thank you, Miche. I think either syrup you mentioned would be a great substitute in this recipe. These bars are my FAVORITE up to this point. So satisfying.


I LOVE your recipes! I'm pinning away!

Zella Sage

Yay! Thanks, Vicky.

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