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a farmer in the dell

this sounds so stinking good!!! I love the idea of coconut butter or oil in this puppy. I am definitely making this asap! thanks for another great recipe!

Anchorage Carpet Cleaning

I made this for my husband and he loved it! How can you go wrong with ice cream and chocolate? Thanks!

Allison Plass

I am on my way to Whole Foods to find things like hemp seed and coconut butter. what a nutritious twist on the chocolate milk idea that my kids too will hopefully
love. btw, YOUR IMAGES ROCK, girl. xoxo

Zella Sage

Thank you, Allison! I am THRILLED your kids loved it. Wanting some now but I'll wait until morning so it won't keep me up. Andrea, it is SO stinking good!


This is one of my favourite shakes that I make with my home-made nut milks: so good, so tasty too! :)

Zella Sage

It's unbelievably delicious, Sophie!


Wow!! I just made this. I did not use ice as I do not like cold beverages. Wow! This is a new favorite :-) :-) Thank you so much! Vandana

Zella Sage

Vandana, I'm SO happy you like it! It often becomes a regular with those who love it. Thanks for sharing.


I have not used hemp seed yet, but can't wait to try. What is your favourite healthy hemp recipe?

Zella Sage

I would have to say my morning green smoothie with hemp is my all-time favorite hemp dish!


AWESOME!!! My cynical teenage daughter thought it was from the local ice creamery. . .lactose intolerant, she was nervous until I told her it was a 'safe' milkshake! She can't wait for me to make another one. . .tomorrow!


ADDICTED!!! Help me!!! lol

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