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YUM this looks so delicious! I must cook it ASAP! Totally inlove with foods like this. Great recipe :)

Zella Sage

It is definitely one to try, Peta!


Almond crust + chocolate avocado filling sounds like a heavenly combination indeed. Looks wonderful!

Rising Moon Foods

WANT. NEED. also, might need to add some hazelnut butter to make nutella pie. but i'll try the original first :) thank you!!!

Zella Sage

Natasha, The almond/chocolate/avocado combo is perfect. And I was just looking at your oatmeal creme pie cookies...they are amazing!

Zella Sage

Laura, let me know if you try it out with some hazelnut butter...want to hear how that tastes!


I cannot wait to try this!! My whole family is crazy about chocolate pies and I've been looking for a recipe that incorporates avocado into a dessert recipe.....been wanting to experiment with that.


Oh that looks delish!!


I made this tonight and it was beyond delicious and easy! Thank you!

Zella Sage

Kim, this one is a winner with entire families! Let me know how it turns out. And I am going to try one of your pancake recipes soon. They always look so delicious on your blog.

Zella Sage

Thank you, Melanie. It tastes even better!

Zella Sage

Becca, I'm SO happy you made it and more importantly, found it delicious. It is surprisingly simple and easy to make. Thanks for letting me know the results, Becca.

Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

Love avocados in desserts, and I'm sure this is a winner!

ps: Thanks for visiting my blog :)


Your chocolate pie is a real winner! I also love raw pies a lot & am a big fan of coconut sugar too! :) It looks very pretty & tasty too!

A must make! i will use smaller tartlets for this recipe!


another super easy crust is to mix the leftover pulp from nutmilk with dates in the blender and press into ramekins or pie plate. yum.

Zella Sage

Jessica, thanks for the tip! I'll try it soon.


This looks amazing! I am sure that the filling makes a beautiful "chocolate mousse" desert as well... MMM


Hi! Any suggestions for what I might substitute in place of the coconut sugar ? ( I'd love to try it but can't get to the store for another day or two and am eager to make this with what I have on hand if possible in the next day or so;) Thanks! Kristin

tamara hall

Just made this and the whole family loves it and I’m pretty sure there isn’t going to be any left for tomorrow!!!! I used half amount Hershey’s special dark and then half of the regular cacao. The finished pie has a nice dark chocolate flavor. I did not have coconut sugar, so just used a mix of honey and maple syrup. After letting it set for only 30mins in the fridge (couldn’t wait any longer), we topped it with fresh strawberries. This is definitely a keeper!!


This was the best pie I have ever made! So good. I halved it and put it into two individual ramekins. Perfect dessert for two! Thanks for such an awesome recipe.

Zella Sage

Kristin, I would replace the coconut sugar with raw honey or additional maple syrup.

Zella Sage

Tamara, Music to my ears!!!!! So glad you guys liked it and your substitutions are perfect!

Zella Sage

Monica, I love the idea of individual ramekins! I'll have to try it. SO HAPPY you liked the pie. It's my favorite :)


I made this last night. Talk about a show stopper. This pie is delicious! I had a slight avocado aftertaste but it wasn't bad. Now I just had another slice for breakfast and the slight avocado taste is completely gone! Taking some into the office today :)


Amy Jo is a GODDESS! Try her recipes and share! People LOOOOOVE them!

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