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a farmer in the dell

I love that you made cauliflower crust! I need to try this again. And sweet potatoes, kale and goat cheese are one of my favorite combinations ever! yum


any ideas on how to make that crust dairy-free?


I flippin' love cauliflower crust. Easier than yeast, and so unbelievably tasty! Great toppings!

Zella Sage

Zosia, I am already cooking up my next pizza topping combination. I will try to create a dairy-free crust...it may take a few tries but I will post it when perfected.

Zella Sage

Thank you, Charlotte. These crusts are surprisingly amazing! I was stunned by the results.

Zella Sage

Andrea, how can you go wrong with that combo, right? I use it often because it is just so yummy! Already craving it again.

Sarah @ makingthymeforhealth

I have been wanting to try cauliflower crust for a while now, it sounds good! You have a beautiful blog, Amy Jo! :)


What a fabulous pizza recipe: so special too with the cauliflower crust! Yummy Yum!

I would have never thought to put kale on a pizza though!

Zella Sage

Thank you, Sarah! Sophie, the kale works great with the sweet potato...as do most things :)

Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

This pizza looks amazing, and your cauliflower crust looks SO good!! :)

Zella Sage

Hannah, I know you like a good cauliflower crust by the looks of your blog. It tastes amazing!

Richard Wright

Fantastic ideas with the pizza crust. I've been looking for some different ideas to use for a pizza festival I'm entering here in Chicago Illinois and this is a good one. Thanks!



how many servings would this make?

Zella Sage

Barbara, I think this made about eight pieces for me. They are fairly small, so I would say it would feed 2-3 people...depending on how much you wanted to eat.


Yum! This looks delicious! Is there any place I can get a healthy pizza in scottsdale kind of like this? I'm terrible at cooking, so I don't think I could make it myself...

Zella Sage

Hilary, I stayed a weekend in Scottsdale a couple of years ago, but have no idea where to find a pizza similar to this one. I still haven't found the grain-free cauliflower crust anywhere other than my kitchen so I can't tell you where to buy one. It is very simple to make. And delicious. If you are not up for making it, possibly someone in the area will know of something like this.


looks delicious! I am going to have to try this!

Juli Schumann

I would love to know if you came up with a dairy free option! Thanks for this recipe!


I just want to clarify that the cauliflower does NOT need to be precooked? The time in the oven is enough time to cook it? :-) Thank you for your help.


LOL Oh nevermind... I actually READ the recipe and found out otherwise. :-) Sorry for any inconvenience.

Deedee Burnett Smith

Amy Jo, I'm attempting the cauliflower crust tonight, I have been craving pizza so bad here lately and do not want to use any kind of grain crust. Wish me luck! :)


What other toppings would work on this crust?

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