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Yum, this salad looks SOOOOO good! Love that dressing. The kale looks amazing!

a farmer in the dell

This is totally my kind of salad! love everything about it. Simple, healthy, delicious! We are seeding a thousand more kale seeds tomorrow. Bring on more kale recipes!


Oo, looks divine! I love figs in salads, so refreshing:) Beautiful pictures as always:)

Zella Sage

Sara, it is so creamy and satisfying!

Zella Sage

Andrea, I want to visit your farm! A thousand kale seeds...what. a. dream.

Zella Sage

Thess, the figs take this salad to a whole other level!


What a strange looking salad! Raw kale? It that yummy? I love blanched kale but raw, never tried it before,....I must try it to see if I love it or not!

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This is my salad! Love everything about it. A simple, healthy, delicious! We sow our one thousand cabbage seeds tomorrow. Bring more kale recipes!


Do you have the nutritional information for this ?


loving all these photos!


Zella Sage

Danielle, I do not have the nutritional information that includes calories/fat/carbohydrate/protein content. I don't track those numbers with my recipes. Let me know if you have a particular question and I can try to answer it.

Hailey Mechille

How many servings is this recipe for? How many cups of kale is a "head" ?


Yum! This looks so good.


Where do you recommend looking for hemp seeds?

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