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Angie@Angie's Recipes

Can't wait to try this! They remind me of protein balls. I am sure I will love these.

dishing up the dirt

WOW! I can't wait to try these. Sunflower seed butter is my newest obsession. So good!


Oooo, heavenly! I love brownie bites, and next time I make them, I will try your recipe with the delicious filling - sounds amazing!


This is amazing! Thanks for the recipe :)


these sound good and good for you too!

Zella Sage

Angie, I've never had the protein balls. I just know these are AMAZING! They are nut-based much like the protein balls.

Zella Sage

Andrea, I am LOVING sunflower seed butter as my peanut butter replacement! I can't get enough.

Zella Sage

Thess, I hope you do!!!! They are SOOOOOO good!


Uh oh ... I have a feeling this are going to be deadly and gone within a day when I make these. Thank you for adding to my guilty brownie chocolate addiction ;)

Zella Sage

Dina, so tasty without the sugar crash!


These brownie bites look exciting, simple to make & very nutrious too! ;)

Elenore Bendel Zahn

I LOVE that movie and these brownie bites look absolutely AMAZING!

Zella Sage

SO exciting and simple, Sophie!

Zella Sage

Elenore, I've watched Chocolat at least 30 times and will watch it at least another 30 I'm sure.


I couldn't get a doughy texture using my food processor, so I added a couple tablespoons of (pastured) butter and that did the trick. My four children all liked them. My 3-year-old ate three!

Zella Sage

Amy, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this recipe. I'm so happy your children ate and liked them. For me, when I rolled the mixture into a ball, it formed into a cookie dough-like texture. I'll add that as a side not to the blog. Thanks again for the feedback!


Hi Amy Jo- you mention soaking the dates but then in the recipe directions I don't see a mention of it (only to remove pit). I have never used Medjool dates and just bought my first batch for this recipe- which i am sooo eager to make. But now that I have my bag of dates home I am wondering, do i need to soak them or use as is? Thanks so much- btw- love the web site and the Youtube videos- you rock! Kristin

Zella Sage

Kristin, I actually soaked the dates for the caramel layer of the cheesecake that I was referring to. So you're good to go without any soaking. I hope they turn out fantastic for you!


This looks so good and I can not wait to try this.

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