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Angie@Angie's Recipes

Can't wait to try this with walnuts that I just bought! Love fuss free and delicious recipes like this. Thanks for sharing, Amy.

Brooke Schweers

Yum! What a great treat! I so desperately want these in my life. The only problem is I would probably eat the whole batch at once! Thanx for the great recipe :)


Great minds think alike. This is the exact thought that occurred to me after I last had Turtles (and hurt my gut in the process) when I made my first date balls i knew the answer!

Zella Sage

Angie, walnuts are a GREAT alternative. I use pecans because I can get them locally right out of the shell. I hope yours turn out delicious!!!

Zella Sage

Brooke, I almost ate the whole batch at once! It is nearly impossible to eat just one and walk away. They are that good.

Zella Sage

Amanda, dates make every dessert a little easier on the belly! I love them. This candy is definitely as close as I could get to a turtle without going there entirely and they are so good.


These look amazing - I must try them. Although I am sure I will not be able to test whether they actually do stay fine in the fridge for a week ;-) I am sure they will be gone within no time.

Rebecca Elliott

These look positively sinful! And such pretty pictures. Love your blog!


Wow, these look divine!! Beautiful pictures as always :)


MMMMM,...these tasty bites look so amazing, appetizing & fabulous even! Wawwww!

Lucie D'Alessandro

Sounds like we share a similar version of paradise - and yummy treats! Turtles are one of my all-time faves and since eating nourishing food right is up there with cozy cabins and family, I'm SO excited to try your version xx

Zella Sage

Afra, they lasted 3 days at my house!

Zella Sage

Rebecca, thank you.

Zella Sage

Thess, they are DIVINE!

Zella Sage

Thanks, Sophie!

Zella Sage

I hope you love them as much as I do, Lucie!

Jess @ Sweet Athena

These look yummy! The photos are great too.

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