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Saw this after a work-out and knew I needed to make it as soon as I got home. It really was SO good. And very filling. I could only drink half of it, but that's okay... look forward to enjoying the other half later. Thanks so much, Amy Jo!!

Donna Gray-Davis

So, is hemp seed the same as the marijuana leaf as food?
I haven't seen raw cacao in my store, but your photo shows chocolate that looks very much like my plain dark Hershey's chocolate. I am hopeful I am not ruining this delicious looking recipe if we just use avocado, dark Hershey bars, honey, maybe banana.

Pure and Simple

Beth...so happy you liked it! It is rich and filling.

Pure and Simple


Hemp seed is not the same as the leaf.

The raw cacao that the recipe lists is unheated, unsweetened chocolate in powder form...which means it comes straight from the cacao bean and has not been heated so it still has all its nutrients and antioxidants intact. The cacao powder is also unsweetened and has no other ingredients added to it, so if you can not find pure raw cacao powder, I recommend using unsweetened cocoa powder. It has been heated but it has no sweeteners or other ingredients such as corn syrup, milk, sugar. I hope this helps.


This looks and sounds wonderful, love all the ingredients!

Amy Washenberger

Amy Jo, I see you noted that you keep your avocados in the refrigerator? Would you elaborate a little, please? Does this ripen them faster? Keep them from overripening? I'm just curious. I only like to shop once a week, twice at most. It would be nice to find a way to keep avocados longer. Thanks! P.s. I made this drink with the basics (milk, avocado, banana, coconut oil and cacao). It was pretty good. Tomorrow I might try the honey.

Pure and Simple

Amy, I'd be happy to share my avocado secrets!!!! I keep them out on the counter until they are ripe, if they aren't ripe when I buy them. Once they are ripe, or soft to the touch and give just slightly with pressure, I put them in the fridge to keep them from ripening too fast. They will last much longer in the fridge than at room temp once ripe.

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